Organically Grown, Naturally Exclusive

"We take pride in creating only the finest cannabis, focusing on medicinal properties in an organic atmosphere"

Our company was created by cannabis breeder Chilly Mack. Mr. Mack recognized that all cannabis was not the same, Some strains worked for some conditions and some didnt. His objective was to design a strain that would treat if not all then most of the effects of fibromyalgia, Thus the birth of Bloo's Kloos. Our catalog currently consist of 24 custom creations and 8 rare phenotypes. As not all consumers of cannabis prefer the smoking method we specialize in edible creations as well as extracts. we are organic growers and do not use synthetic ingredients or chemical pesticides. we are also non-GMO growers.     

Organically Grown, Naturally Exclusive!

Chilly Mack,





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